“Love, Daddy” original and “In Color”cover

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Here are a couple of new tunes for you blogger type out there. Love, Daddy is an original and you can down load it free and spread it around if you like.


Drops of Jupiter cover song.

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A man with my limited vocal ability should probably not attempt this song but I always love a good challenge. So I did it anyway! Ha! Take that society! I’m sure that after listening to it tomorrow I will want to redo the vocals as soon as possible but for now enjoy.


Can’t You See cover song

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It took me about 4 hours to learn the song and record it. This is the final product of the time spent. I use Garageband on a MAC to record and Drum Samples by Steven Slate with Ozone 4 for mastering.

Tell me what you think. http://www.reverbnation.com/theloneconservativerocker#

Is Obama doing his job?

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This question was asked by another blogger and this was my comment back to him. I ask the same question to you.

Is Obama doing his job? I believe one must first define what his job is. The American people (I say that tongue in cheek) elected him to be a President that would offer change and hope. The kind of change was not well defined by Obama during the election. And as for “hope”, well that is a term that can be used very loosely.

In a way I guess he has held up his promise. We have had a great deal of “change” and now we have a great deal of “hope” that this nightmare will all end.

But back to the question you are asking. Is Obama doing his job. As a socialist, muslim, marxist wanna be, I would say yes. I am not 100% convinced that Obama was born in Hawaii. I’m not 100% convinced that Obama is American at all. I believe that his upbringing and schooling has permanently scared his thinking and he will never fully understand what freedom and the American people are all about.

Now ask me if the President is doing his job. ( You really do have to separate the two ) And my answer is NO!! He is supposed to work for the people, not his own progressive agenda. He has ignored the people!


The People Must Stay Vigilant

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Scott Brown has won an election that helped the health care bill be stopped in it tracks. But this is what I hear on FOX and other news cast: The “Republicans” have regained traction. The “Republicans” have won a victory. The “Republicans” are back on course. A “Republican” has taken Kennedy’s seat. Bull Shit! The “Republicans” haven’t done a DAMN THING!

All due respect to FOX, they have taken in consideration that the Tea Party rallies are what helped get the Republican Scott Brown elected. But, a message needs to also be sent to the Republican party as did Scott Browns election sent a message to the Dems. THE PEOPLE are in charge of this country, not the freaking politicians!

A race is beginning in Arizona for Sen. John McCain. You remember him don’t you? The guy that said “Don’t be afraid of Obama.” The guy that basically threw us all under the bus in the last presidential election. Pay close attention to this election as it may be even more important than the Massachusetts. It may show just how strong willed the American people are to make certain that the people elected into office are the right ones for the job.

J.D. Hayworth will be running against McCain. Check the voting history of both candidates and decide who should be best for the job. Wether or not you can vote in the election doesn’t make a difference. Your voice must be heard. Congress must open their ears. All politicians who govern this great country must take head that the average American can, in one short year, become educated enough to learn and know what evil little tricks are being dealt behind closed doors!

Wanna try to record via internet?

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If anyone out there would like to try to do some recording by using e-mail via internet give me a comment on this and we can try to set something up.

I use garage band on a mac. I have ozone 4, melodyne and some drum samples.

I recently re-recorded the vocal track for Folsom Prison Blues.

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I have been working on vocal modifying. Trying to sound like someone I’m not. It is very difficult but I’m having fun trying. It’s even more difficult when your vocals are bad to begin with.